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Memory Care Planning Should Be Part of Your Estate Plan

Memory care planning is an issue dear to my heart. My mom, Winnie, passed away in January after an 8-year battle with Alzheimer’s. She was diagnosed at the early age of 57, and we did not have long term care insurance. We kept her at home as long as we could and then moved her from Chicago to Colorado to live with my family. During that time, I provided much of the care and utilized day program services to help. When that was no longer a feasible option and 24/hr. care was required, we had to move her into a memory care facility. Mom was not eligible for Medicaid Long-term Care (MA-LTC) program, which many are not due to the income requirements. Mom had a government pension, which covered some costs, but for many facilities was not enough. Monthly rates range from $6500-$10,000 on average. Luckily, we were able to find a facility that would work with us on cost. Not everyone is as lucky. At Scarola Law, we encourage clients to consider long term care/financial planning as part of their overall estate plan. We partner with knowledgeable financial advisors and wealth managers that can help put these pieces together. For more information, please contact us and read this article on point from the American Bar Association.

Memory Care Facilities_ Challenges and Costs
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Winifred Jo Tierney, 3/8/56-1/29/22

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