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If you've recently lost a loved one and need guidance on how to handle the estate, we are sorry for your loss and are here to help. We have personal and professional experience regarding Colorado probate administration. Please see below for more information on how we can assist you.


Probate Administration

Who is this package for?:

  • For individuals needing to open probate

  • For individuals who aren't sure whether to open probate

  • For individuals who have reason to believe that probate will be uncontested (i.e., not likely to be challenged by other potential beneficiaries/parties)


Services Included:

  • Review of the decedent's estate plan (if necessary)

  • Prepare notices and related paperwork for court filing

  • Guidance for trustees or executors through the estate administration process

We cannot assist with probate matters that are likely to be contested by other potential beneficiaries/parties.

Price: Retainer + Billable

A $2,500 retainer is required to start. Anything unearned will be returned, anything over will be billed at an hourly rate and another retainer may be required depending on the scope of the work. The probate process is expensive due to the amount of fees and paperwork required. We endeavor to minimize costs for our clients wherever possible.

Our services are billed at the following hourly rates:

  • $350 for Colleen

  • $200 for Emily

  • $120 for our paralegal

Have questions?


We offer a 30 minute free consultation to walk you through our process and answer any questions you may have. Click below to get started!

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